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" Our primary responsibility is to help our clients who contract with our development services and products with a quality product, consistent with the customer’s financial commitment, in a timely and economical manner. We provide ‘turn-key services' that facilitate the development of the project from the client’s vision to the occupancy of the completed project.  We believe that the key to successful development is to seek accountable services and responsible project leadership."

Xunkun Luo, President

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North America Asset Management Group, LLC

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Building 2 - Completed

Building 3 & 4 - Summer 2021

Building 5 & 6 - Fall 2022

Building 1 - Fall 2023


NAAGM acquired a 6.4 acre property from Tacoma City in 2016 to develop Tacoma Town Center in the city's Brewery district. 

The Tacoma Town Center is a multi-phase mixed-use urban infill development as part of the city of Tacoma master plan to improve areas south of downtown.  Phase one of the project consists of 240K SF of retail space, more than 200 market-rate housing units, and office space surrounding a retail plaza formed by the vacation of a city street.  The plaza includes an important connection of the city of Tacoma’s master bike path plan to the University of Washington Tacoma campus.  Phase two includes plans for 260 housing units and street-level retail space in two separate structures over a common below-grade parking garage. 

The mission of North America Asset Management Group LLC is to operate as a dynamic, successful commercial, residential, and mixed-use developer in Greater Seattle Area, committed to quality and customer satisfaction, that will function for the overall benefit of its clients, and the community at large.

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